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Ready for some “Chinese” feta cheese?

Recently, Greece asked China to cancel trademarks that it says unfairly compete with its Geographic Indicated (GI) products – Feta Cheese and Samos Wine. Alongside the ongoing negotiation of a bilateral trade agreement between the EU and China over GIs, other European...

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OEM issue in China – Finally, a Clear Answer

I am getting quite a few questions these days about OEM vs. trademark infringement in China.  The reason is probably because the sourcing summit will take place next month in Hong Kong.  The Chinese courts have long been struggling to give a clear answer to the...

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LAST WEEK IN CHINA is the first-ever blog dedicated to bringing China trademark HOT topics to the Western world on a regular basis. We believe sharing knowledge is the key – especially the accurate information along with analysis backed up by years of experience. This is why we’ve created this blog.

Frustration, confusion, anger – when it comes to branding in China, we have seen (and heard) it all. There is a need to understand exactly HOW the system works in China. There is also a need to articulate HOW these system differences would impact on Western companies operating or thinking to expand to China. China is no longer the wild West; it is the biggest market in the world.

We are a group of experienced U.S. and China attorneys with a collective 100 years of experience in China. You will get insight directly from attorneys who started practicing when China only had four IP law firms. More importantly, you will receive tips from the most experienced legal team who argue in the Chinese courts and setting influential precedents every day. We also have an “expert analysis” section where China’s policy makers, business veterans and sometimes even judges from the Beijing IP courts share their insight and observations.

Simply put, you get guidance directly from people influencing and making the branding decisions everyday in China.

LAST WEEK IN CHINA is a China Trademark Blog. We bring you talks, tips and tools to grow and protect your brands. We collect data, raw information, and statistics and turn them to insight and practical business tips.

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