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Have you received the scam email from China (yet)?

What to do when Your Brand’s Chinese Domain is Registered by a Third Party? What if the brand's Chinese Twitter account is taken? Are You Aware of China’s Two-Year Domain Name Rule?  If your company has any business ties with China, you are probably familiar with...

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Takeaways From Ivanka Trump’s TM Approval In China

After 30 of President Donald Trump’s trademarks in China were approved in March 2017, his daughter Ivanka’s trademarks in China were approved in April. Similar to President Trump’s situation, where he received the good news after backing down from the China-Taiwan...

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LAST WEEK IN CHINA is the first-ever blog dedicated entirely to HOT Topics in China. We believe sharing knowledge is the key – especially the accurate information along with analysis backed up by years of experience. This is why we’ve created this blog.

Frustration, confusion, anger – when it comes to branding in China, we have seen (and heard) it all. There is a need to understand exactly HOW the system works in China. There is also a need to articulate HOW these system differences would lead to practical impacts on Western companies operating or thinking to expand to China. China is no longer the wild West; it is the biggest market in the world.

We are a group of experienced attorneys with a collective of 100 years of experience protecting the world’s famous brands in Mainland China. The updates here are provided by people rolling up their sleeves, pouring over Chinese documents, and actually going to the courts across China everyday. Some of us were already focusing on protecting brands when China only had four law firms 30 years ago (It now has over 10,000). We also have an “expert analysis” section where the China trademark heavyweight, policy makers and judges from the Beijing IP courts provide their insider view. In a word, you get guidance from people influencing and making the branding decisions in China.

LAST WEEK IN CHINA is a China Trademark Blog. We bring you talks, tips and tools to grow and protect your brands. We collect data, raw information, and statistics and most importantly, we tell you what the information means, and what PRACTICAL impacts it would have on your brands in China.


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