Answer: Guangdong.


2016 had been a busy year for the Guangdong Prosecution Authorities (GPA)(广东检察机关).  More than 2300 individuals were charged by the GPA for IP related crimes; this resulted in around 1900 arrests. For those wondering where Guangdong is, check it out here.


Moral of the story? Be extra careful when your partners, distributors, manufacturers are from Guangdong. There’s also a reason I start to call my clients when, after investigation, the warehouse location is hidden in a village somewhere in Guangdong (we are no longer dealing with newbies).  Southern hospitality is charming and the seafood next to the Pacific Ocean is certainly enticing. However, the price is cheaper for a reason: you may own the brand today, but not so tomorrow.

Next question: What are the top three products that Chinese infringers love to copy the most?



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